I do all my own work, and as such have several different studios depending on the type of work I am doing. I have a complete shop set up for welding, fabricating and wood working. I have a different studio dedicated to clean work
such as printmaking and photographing my art work. I have a third studio for large scale oil painting. In addition, I have a complete office setup with all the latest scanners, printers, and computers necessary for the completion of my work.
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in action.

The life of an artist is a lot harder than it seems. It may appear that an artist spends a lot of time drawing and painting and creating new ideas. The truth is, for many artists life is a series of production-related chores worked in between the tightly packed schedule of daily routines, regular jobs, family, school, life-crises, errands, and other demanding hindrances.

I am no exception. The concepts are the easy part. It can take days, weeks and even months to gather the materials required to transform a concept into a finished work. Once the materials have been gathered, I spend many hours preparing them and then assembling and re-assembling them until I have coaxed them into the working vision inside my mind. Even then, the chore is only partly finished. The time, energy, and stress put into distributing the images to galleries and museums can be self-defeating and a blow to the creative energy that was my original inspiration. In the end, seeing the effect my artwork has on others is reward enough to bring me back time and again to the never-ending cycle of creation that is the base of my existence.

The moments of true creative inspiration are relatively rare when compared to the hours I spend nurturing that single concept into a finished work of art. This page is dedicated to the true representation of an artist's life.