Art Fair Survival Guide

Brian J. Sullivan

Semis, silhouetted against the pre-dawn sky, are lined up one after another along the side of the on-ramp. In the distant horizon, the sun's first light has begun to illuminate the wispy clouds in a brilliant orange halo.

I was traveling eastward down some ubiquitous highway, each side exhibiting uniform rows of corn. It was late September; their stalks had begun to change to a light brown color. I was enjoying the early morning solitude and the hypnotic sound of my tires upon the pavement except for the occasional "click" as my tires went over a seam in the pavement. My headlights cut through the low hanging mist. I was on my way to the next art fair. My thoughts wandered as I mentally tried to go over all the items I packed to see if I had forgotten anything. As more grey hairs appear with each passing year, I find the space between my thoughts widens and soon I forget what I was doing. So to help ease the mental agony of forgetfulness, I have created yet another check-list of items I need to go through before I leave for each fair. It is very similar to the check-list every airplane pilot is required to go through before take-off (pre-flight check-list). What follows is my list.



(I re-pack and re-stock it with laundered clothes and sundries as soon as I arrive back home from the last fair. It is always packed and ready to go on a moment's notice.)



Art Fair Folder

Art Display Items

Now, if I could only find my pen, I could check mark my list. Let me know what I have forgotten so I can add it to my list.