About Brian J. Sullivan

Art is a lifetime commitment, a way of life. I do not consider myself a painter, a sculptor, or a metalsmith, but rather as an Artist. I see art in everything that I do. It is a form of expression and encompasses my whole being. In the end, art for me is about being true to myself, and listening to my inner voice.

I am a visual artist and I do not limit myself to working in any one medium, but rather, I use that medium which I believe will best get my message across. I feel I have something to say and my language of expression is through the visual arts. My goal is to create works of art which resonate deep within the viewers' soul/consciousness and cause them to feel some emotion, to touch their lives. I have never been interested in creating pretty little picture to hang above the sofa, but rather, more visceral works.

Research is always a big part of each work that I create. I love problem solving and learning new things. I love what I am doing and I am persistent. I believe the best days are yet to come.

Please realize that this website is an overview of much of my work but is in no way all encompassing. This is not a commercial shopping site; however, if you are interested in any one particular work or would like to commission one, please feel free to contact me. I am available for workshops, lectures, and residency programs.